A graphical tool for configuring Alesis V-Series MIDI controllers on Linux.

In my last post, I explained how I reverse-engineered the Alesis SysEx protocol and detailed my findings. Now, two months later, I’ve finally decided to implement a tool for configuring these controllers on Linux.

The entirety of this work was done over the past two days, so it likely contains some hidden bugs, but as far as I can tell it is entirely usable.

Unfortunately, this is my first attempt at writing any kind of GUI, so it’s not beautiful. But hey, it works.

You can find the project on GitHub. Contributions are welcome.

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Travis Mick

Travis is the chief architect of systems and software at Zeall.us. A background in network security research has fostered in him a passion for values such as digital privacy, net neutrality, and intellectual freedom. In a world where these causes are increasingly important, he aims to both raise awareness of them and further their goals through technology.