I made my keyboard wireless

I don’t have a particular need for a wireless keyboard. I’m usually planted at my desk, with my laptop plugged into a dock and a wired keyboard readily available.

But, I thought it would be cool to make a Bluetooth version of the egg58.

It turns out, making a keyboard you’ve already designed wireless is pretty straightforward these days. Using a nice!nano microcontroller and ZMK, you can turn basically any keyboard based around the Pro Micro wireless almost instantly.

The nice!nano is a microcontroller module pin-compatible with the ubiquitous Pro Micro, but based around the nRF52840. That means it comes with built-in wireless connectivity. (Obligatory disclaimer: not sponsored, I just think it’s really neat.)

ZMK, as you could guess, is a keyboard firmware, but unlike QMK has support for BLE (and nRF chips). Of course, it even works for split keyboards.

According to ZMK’s power profiler, I can expect the left (main) side of my keyboard to last almost two weeks on a charge, with just a tiny 110mAh battery that fits conveniently under the nice!nano. The right half lasts much longer, allegedly only needing a charge every 3 months

Even though I didn’t need to, I altered my PCB design a bit, just to remove the positions for components that were no longer required. Of course, RGB had to go, since it would kill the battery immediately.

Anyway, the design files are here and firmware stuff here.