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At Zeall, we offer our employees the courtesy of free hosting for their personal blogs, in hopes of furthering their professional image. Today, we completed the migration of the employee Wordpress instance from a shared hosting provider to its own VPS, and simultaneously deployed TLS certificates (thanks, Let’s Encrypt!) for all domains hosted there (including this one).

Our TLS deployment is perhaps a bit untimely, as it comes just a few days behind news that the UK is prosecuting someone for “developing an encrypted version of his blog site.”

Now, in the interest of reducing the clickbait-factor of this article, I’ll comment that it’s a terrorism case, and there is apparently some evidence that this guy was planning something sinister. Even so, running a blog over HTTPS is hardly something that should be tacked on to his case.

I don’t disagree with the fact that charges were brought against this guy, but I am pretty upset that crypto is pretty much illegal in the UK. The law currently considers anything pertaining to crypto research, education, or deployment to be terrorism. So if you’re reading this right now, you’re guilty. 😉

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Travis Mick

Travis is the chief architect of systems and software at A background in network security research has fostered in him a passion for values such as digital privacy, net neutrality, and intellectual freedom. In a world where these causes are increasingly important, he aims to both raise awareness of them and further their goals through technology.

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